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Why Choose Our Lab for Your Avuncular Test?

The journey to understanding one’s familial bonds goes beyond mere curiosity. It often involves deeply personal quests and, in some cases, legal imperatives. At DNA North America, we recognize the profound weight of these endeavors.

Our avuncular DNA test, frequently called Aunt/Uncle DNA testing, has been developed with precision and care, tailored to correctly assist you in establishing concrete relationships through biological aunts and uncles.

Whether you are delving into family connections, aiming to confirm a lineage, or requiring this trusted evidence for other legal purposes, our avuncular DNA testing offers a comprehensive solution that meets your specific goals and needs.

At DNA North America, we merge years of experience, highly trained technicians, and cutting-edge technology to bring you the most accurate DNA results. Our fully accredited laboratory facilities meet or exceed the industry’s most stringent and exacting standards, and we go to even greater lengths with enhanced marker testing for utmost accuracy and reliability.

The Science Behind Our Aunt/Uncle DNA Testing

Avuncular DNA testing remains at the forefront of ascertaining the biological connection between a child and their supposed biological aunt or uncle. Our high-tech laboratories employ the industry’s most advanced protocols and techniques for these tests.

We analyze a child’s collected DNA samples in comparison to those of the alleged aunt or uncle. Our technicians then meticulously assess The resulting match level to discern the likelihood of a biological kinship.

This combination of cutting-edge technology along with unmatched scientific proficiency distinctly sets our avuncular DNA testing apart, ensuring you receive nothing less than the most trustworthy and definitive results.

Why Choose DNA North America for Your
Avuncular DNA Testing?

DNA North America’s reputation as a beacon of reliability in avuncular DNA testing services emanates from our unwavering dedication to precision, confidentiality, discretion, and top-tier customer service. We understand the significance of balancing our expansive resources with a personal touch, ensuring you feel valued and attended to.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose us:

Experience & Accreditation:Our fully accredited laboratory facilities lead the Avuncular DNA Testing domain. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and aligned with industry best practices, our technicians are committed to delivering precise and reliable results.

Quality Assurance:Our enhanced marker testing guarantees accuracy and reliability, analyzing a broader spectrum of genetic markers than many conventional testing methods currently on the market.

Confidentiality & Customer Support:We assure you that your information remains protected. Our exceptional customer service team is always ready to assist you throughout the testing journey. Recognizing the delicate nature of DNA testing, we diligently uphold your privacy and discretion.

Prompt Turnaround:We ensure you receive your results within about a week without compromising accuracy or confidentiality.

Our Avuncular Test Process

At our state-of-the-art laboratory, we adhere to rigorous standards and protocols that surpass industry expectations. Our process begins with a personalized consultation to comprehensively understand your goals and needs. Following this, we employ a simple, non-invasive method for DNA sample collection.

Leveraging our expertise and an unwavering dedication to precision, we guarantee results that epitomize accuracy and reliability. Our team of seasoned technicians meticulously analyzes the collected DNA samples. Rest assured, we’ll communicate your results promptly and with utmost confidentiality through email, postal mail, or telephone.

Pricing and Payment Options

At DNA North America, we steadfastly believe in marrying quality service with affordability. Our Avuncular DNA Testing is priced at a competitive lab cost of just $385, ensuring no hidden fees. This cost encompasses the entire testing procedure, from the initial sample collection to the final delivery of your results. 

Legal Considerations

It’s pivotal to recognize the legal ramifications of our Avuncular DNA Testing results. These tests can be instrumental evidence in inheritance claims, immigration procedures, and other legal purposes. We always recommend engaging with a legal expert to understand the results’ implications fully.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When would an avuncular DNA test be needed?

Avuncular DNA tests are typically used where direct parental (mother or father) testing is not an option. For example, it might verify family relationships in adoption cases, inheritance disputes, or genealogical research.

How accurate is the Aunt/Uncle DNA Testing?

Avuncular DNA tests are highly accurate but don’t provide the same level of conclusiveness as a direct parent-child DNA test. Depending on the specific DNA sequences shared between the tested individuals, the test can provide a strong probability (usually over 80%) of whether an avuncular relationship exists.

How are the DNA samples collected for an avuncular DNA test?

The DNA samples for an avuncular DNA test are usually collected using a buccal swab, gently brushed on the inside of the person’s cheek. This method is non-invasive, painless, and can be done at home.

Can avuncular DNA testing be done if the alleged aunt or uncle lives in a different location?

Yes. We have over 70 locations throughout the United States to accommodate collections.  In the event that you choose to do a self-collection kit in your home(s), the DNA sample collection kits can be sent to different locations.

Each person involved in the testing can collect their own sample at their own convenience and send it directly to our lab in a pre-addressed, pre-paid FedEx envelope. We then compare the samples in our laboratory to establish the probability of a biological relationship.

How long does it take to get results from an avuncular DNA test?

Typically, you can expect to receive the results of your Aunt/Uncle’s DNA Testing within about a week after we’ve received all the DNA samples at our lab. This timeframe allows us to ensure a thorough and accurate analysis.

Can an avuncular test determine the specific side of the family (maternal or paternal) the aunt or uncle is from?

An avuncular DNA test alone cannot specify whether the alleged aunt or uncle is related through the mother’s side or the father’s side of the family. For such specificity, additional testing with other family members may be required.

How is the privacy of my DNA test results ensured?

At DNA North America, we adhere to stringent privacy policies. Your DNA test results and personal information are strictly confidential. They are only shared with you or a designated recipient you have authorized.

What is the difference between Avuncular and Sibling DNA tests?

An Aunt/Uncle DNA Testing determines a biological relationship between an aunt or uncle and a niece or nephew, while a Sibling DNA test determines if two individuals share one or both parents. The tests use similar methods of DNA comparison but focus on different familial relationships.

Can avuncular DNA testing be performed on individuals of any age?

Yes. Avuncular tests can be performed on individuals of any age. Since DNA does not change with age, DNA samples can be collected and tested whether the individuals involved are infants, adults, or seniors.

Your Journey to Clarity Begins Here

Commence your journey to unearth the familial threads embedded within your DNA. Contact DNA North America today to embark on your Avuncular Testing voyage. We’re dedicated to assisting you, providing guidance, support, and forthright responses.

Contact us at (800) 401-3602 or testing@dnane.com to schedule your introductory consultation. Let’s collaboratively unveil your distinct DNA narrative.

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